Entrepreneurs / Startups


IMG_EJEMPLOAt Cores & Garcia Pedrerol, we are fully committed to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ideas. More than 40 years of experience has enabled us to accompany our clients through significant and historical changes within the business sector.

As a result, we are uniquely qualified to manage the diverse situations that entrepreneurs may face at the beginning of their journey.

We believe that accompanying the entrepreneur from the very beginning brings extra value to companies and their projects.

As well as offering all our services, both legal and financial, we also collaborate with other professionals as and when necessary.

In these times of cutting-edge technology and new business frameworks, growth in the coming years is inevitable. Start-ups is an area that we are extremely familiar with, having long worked with new ventures from the earliest stages to the final launch.

We offer:

  1. Advice for entrepreneurs and shareholders agreements
  2. Research and creation as a legal and commercial intermediary suitable for dealing with a business plan, strategy and growth forecasts.
  3. Legal, accounting and labour advice for start-ups.
  4.  Intellectual property; Image rights, registries, contracts, use of IP, innovation protection.
  5. Industrial property; Brands, patents, know-how, advice on research & development, contracts, use of intellectual property, innovation protection.
  6. Data protection.
  7. Compliance with LSSI; E-commerce, E-payment.
  8. New technologies; Technology development contracts, technology advice contracts, new technology training contracts.
  9. Research & development.
  10. Employment contracts; Occupational risk prevention.
  11. Financial and economic advice and negotiation. Analysis of first steps for the client or start-up, asset valuation, preparation of funding either internal or via third parties, and assistance at all stages of negotiation and follow-up processes.
  12. Private and public investment advice. Structuring collaborative projects. Spanish and European consortia. Public and private partnerships (PPP). Legal support to business angels and venture capital investors.


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