Administrative and urban planning


IMG_EJEMPLOIn the area of ​​administrative law and urban planning, we offer our private sector clients the services to help them defend their rights before government authorities, both in the framework of contracting and public services, and intervention if and when necessary in sanctioning procedures and contentious appeals.

We offer guidance at  local level to both private and public companies as well as mixed contracting and services. All advice  respect fundamental rights and public liberties, for which, if and when necessary, we will take legal action to their protection.

The areas of action are the following:

  • Administrative appeals and administrative litigation
  • Forced expropriation and financial liability
  • Planning; urban planning and management
  • Administrative hiring
  • Fundamental rights and public liberty
  • Public services and administrative organization
  • Licenses
  • Sanction procedures
  • Regional regulations
  •  Alternative mediation and conflict resolution with government administration

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