Mergers and Adquisitions (M&A)


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Aquilon Partners  ( was established in 2020 as the specialized M&A division of Cores and García Pedrerol Abogados.


It is made up of a multidisciplinary and transversal team who have an in-depth knowledge about the different sectors and the characteristics and challenges of each. Thanks to our combined experience, we offer comprehensive financial, strategic and legal advice   at each and every phase of the operation, from its initial structuring to its closure.

Our services are predominantly advising family companies and private companies in both investment and divestment operations and structural modifications of commercial companies. We also accompany start-up companies on their path to growth and advise them to prepare  funding  and loan management.

The different phases of the operations in which we offer our services are:

  • .Analysis of the company and its corporate strategy (SWOT).
  • Financial analysis and Business Plan , financial and operational forecasts.
  • Carrying out valuation and advice to enhance the strengths and strategic positioning of the company in order to optimize its value.
  • Definition of the transaction scheme so client objectives are met with needs, opportunities and market timings.
  • Preparation of the “Information Memorandum” and other investment materials (“Pitch deck”).
  • Search and identification of potential investors in consensus with the client.
  • Organization of first contacts and presentation of the project in strict confidentiality to potential investors.
  • Supervision of negotiations: organization and coordination (with full participation in all stages) of negotiations and binding offers / letters of intent.
  • Organization of the Data Room (accounting, financial, tax, legal, labor) ensuring confidentiality and optimizing effectiveness and Due Diligence deadlines.
  • Preparation, drafting and advice throughout the process of the necessary legal documents (sales contract, contractual clauses of “reps and warranties”, confidentiality agreements, letters of intent, etc.).
  • Completion of the transaction: preparation and organization of closure.

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