IMG_EJEMPLOOur team has experience in many significant cases, as well as out-of-court settlements and negotiations in the following areas;


  • Litigation related to contracts (breach of contract, tort, damages claims, liability, professional misconduct and negligence).
  •  Debt-collection.
  • Property and construction litigation.
  • Litigation related to hiring/contacting professional services.
  • Claims and assistance in all banking, mortgage lending and leasing matters.
  • Legal action related to property, ownership, construction law, liability for defects or encumbrance and tenancy agreements.
  • Advice on purchase and sale agreements, distribution, agency and franchise.
  • Claims relating to Industrial installations, machinery and products.
  • Economic and financial offences; defense and prosecution of white collar crimes (company crime, fraud, misappropriation).
  • Litigation enforced at home and abroad.
  • Legal representation in judicial proceedings.
  • Bankruptcy and other insolvency procedures.

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